This Family’s Truck Looks Normal, But Everyone’s SHOCKED By What They Did Inside

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

We’ve seen many incredible tiny homes before, but this is one tiny house tour you don’t want to miss. The house-truck you’re about to see raises the bar in terms of both design and function.

Yep, that’s right — house-truck. Justin, Jola, and their baby live in a completely street-legal, two-level, off-the-grid truck that folds out and transforms into a fantasy castle.

One day, Justin made plans to build his own eco-friendly home in which his family could travel. He showed his wife his own drawings and blueprints, and, after much planning and discussion, they decided to make their dream come true by hand.

The fantasy castle is a work-of-art in its travel space and in its house version when folded out. The transformation between the two designs is a show of brilliant engineering. Justin and Jola managed to create something beautiful, spacious, whimsical, and cost-effective. Features include a full-size kitchen, a lounge, hidden closets, solar panels, a sleeping loft, and even a bathtub on the rooftop balcony! It’s got everything you could need, and so much more in the way of nature and comfort.

Are you impressed by this amazing tiny home? We certainly are.

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